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There are 2 months left in this financial year!

There are 2 months left in this financial year!!!

Take the time to review the concessional contributions you have made to your superannuation fund before the window of opportunity closes.



The window is getting smaller for everyone next tax year!!! PS: Mind your fingers!

Most people are asking for tax effective investments. For many people, one of the best strategies, is to make concessional contributions to your superannuation fund. Concessional contributions can be made:

  • as an employee:  salary sacrifice
  • self-employed: deductible contribution.

How much you can contribute into your superannuation fund this year, is a function of your age.

If you contribute more than the cap threshold however, it could be extremely costly. Ouch!

There is a limited remaining open “window of opportunity” this tax year: If you want to discuss this or any other aspect of the new superannuation legislation, please contact the Quarles Team, who has extensive expertise in the field of superannuation.


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