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Self-Managed Super Funds & SMSF Packages

Who benefits most from your superannuation fund? It should be you, as you steadily accumulate savings for a comfortable retirement. But is it?

Can you answer these three Super Questions?

  1. Where is your superannuation money actually invested?
  2. Who makes the investment decisions?
  3. Did you make more in investment earnings last year than you were charged in fees?

If you can’t answer these questions but would like to take more control and have better transparency in the way your superannuation is invested, a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) may be for you.

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Quarles Business & Financial Strategists are experts in helping people like you run their SMSFs. As a totally independent Australian Financial Services Licence Holder and with more than 60 clients already using our SMSF Packages, we can help at every step of the journey:

  • is an SMSF suitable for me?
  • how do I set up an SMSF?
  • should I roll some or all of my existing super into an SMSF?
  • how much can and should I contribute to my SMSF?
  • when can I start drawing money out of my SMSF, and how much?
  • who will attend to the accounting, taxation and other SMSF administration paperwork?
  • what is a suitable investment strategy at my stage of life?
  • can I invest back into my own business?

Superannuation and SMSFs are complex areas – very complex. You need top specialist professional advisors by your side, not slick salesmen. Quarles team of highly qualified CPAs & Chartered Accountants know all about super and SMSFs.

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Want to start benefitting more from your super?

Let us show you how a SMSF can help