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Your financial freedom starts with a free consultation!

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Our expert Financial Planner, Gerard Wilkie, can help you get the most out of your finances. Start growing your nest egg and retire comfortably with smart superannuation choices and investments. Prepare for the future with our retirement planning, life insurance and estate planning services. Improve the health of your finances with financial modelling and cash flow services. Whatever you need, we have the right tools for the job!

Gerard Wilkie - Financial Adviser

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Gerard has been working within Wealth Management as an Adviser, and Analyst since 2009. Gerard is passionate about helping clients enrich their lifestyles and giving them the vision and confidence to achieve their goals.

Gerard has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting), Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He holds an AFP Practitioner Membership within the Financial Planning Association.

Want to see what your best future could look like?

Your financial freedom starts with a free consultation!

Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom


We focus on customer service and providing you the best services to help you achieve your financial goals. We work closely with you to understand your needs, so that the financial plan you end up with is tailored specifically to you.

You won’t find any salesmen who simply recommend and sell you investment or insurance products. Our expert financial advisors care about your finances, providing a greater range of financial solutions and making honest recommendations based on your financial goals.

Once we establish your financial plan, we then make sure your plan is implemented efficiently and effectively. We use the latest technology to give you the best financial services and make the process as easy as possible for you. Our Financial Planners are ready to help you get the most out of your finances!

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Our Financial Planning Process

How We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

We Take The Time To Understand Your Needs

Every financial journey starts with a free consultation, where we find out about you and what you want from your financial future.

We Work With You To Create Your Financial Plan

We listen to your needs and work with you to create a personalised plan that suits your needs at every stage of life.

We Set You Up With The Tools You Need

We know that you don?t have all day to work on your finances, so we?ll help ease your financial stress with powerful tools.

We Regularly Review & Update Your Plan

Your financial circumstances will likely change over time or after an unexpected event. We are here to keep you on track!

Want to see what your best future could look like?

Your financial freedom starts with a free consultation!

Still Have Questions?

Financial Planning FAQ

If you’re unsure about our Financial Planning services and what this all means, we’re here to help! Check out our frequently asked questions to see if we’ve answered yours.


The right kind of financial advice can really make a big difference. It can help you:

  • set your financial goals and achieve them
  • make the most of your money
  • build your wealth
  • get any government assistance you’re entitled to
  • feel more in control of your finances and your life
  • avoid expensive mistakes
  • protect your assets.

Financial advice can give you confidence that your future plans are achievable.

If you’re not on track to achieving your goals, financial advice can help you put the right strategies in place, or come up with more realistic goals.

There are some turning points in your life where professional financial advice is particularly useful:

  1. If you’re approaching retirement.
  2. If you’re thinking about starting a family.
  3. If you’ve been made redundant.
  4. If you’ve inherited money.

These and other life events might prompt you to look at your financial future.

A financial planner (also known as a financial adviser) is a person who specialises in providing advice on how to manage your finances and build your wealth. A financial planner will usually be an authorised representative of an organisation, licensed by ASIC, to provide and implement advice on financial products, such as investments, superannuation and insurance. As part of a holistic financial plan, a financial planner may also provide advice on retirement planning, estate planning, risk management and taxation, to the extent that it relates to financial products.

Check out: 5 Questions to Ask a Financial Planners

Financial advice can help you:

  • Set and achieve your financial goals
  • Make the most of your money
  • Get any government assistance you’re entitled to
  • Feel more in control of your finances and your life
  • Avoid expensive mistakes
  • Protect your assets

You may have avoided getting financial advice because you’re not sure how a financial adviser can help you. You may also think you’ll have to pay for a comprehensive and expensive financial plan. Depending on the kind of advice you need, you may not.

The financial planner should tell you that they regularly attend courses or seminars run by industry associations, professional bodies and universities or registered training organisations.  Quarles BFS financial planners have structured training plans and regularly attend seminars and conferences to keep their professional development up to date.

The financial planner should talk about how they’ll get a full picture of your circumstances and needs. They should explain that they need to ask questions about your current situation as well as your financial goals, both long term and short term. At Quarles BFS we like to start things off with a conversation about you.

A financial adviser should help their clients prioritise their financial goals, explain and discuss their choices and develop a strategy to achieve their goals. They should also help a client refine their goals if they are not realistic and achievable. At Quarles BFS our process beings with a fact finding session to gather information about you. We perform a needs analysis and risk assessment, followed by a proposal, a statement of advice, plan implementation, monitoring of the plan and periodic reviews.

You should be able to contact your financial adviser if you have any questions or concerns about your investments. If the adviser won’t meet with you or return your calls, you can complain. See problems with a financial adviser for more information. At Quarles BFS we intend to answer all phone calls and emails within 24 hours, but it is usually resolved much more quickly than that.

If you’ve agreed to ongoing financial advice, you should receive regular reports about your investments as well as regular reviews with the financial adviser. Check to see what other updates you’ll get, and when you can expect to receive them.

Don’t be afraid to contact your financial adviser if you have any questions between reviews. Be aware that the adviser might charge you extra for services that are not part of the ongoing financial advice agreement that you have entered into.

Got more questions? Get in touch with our friendly Financial Planners.

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