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You don’t need to sit around and wait to get the vehicle or equipment that you need. Get in touch with one of our expert broker and make the changes you need know, while knowing you are getting a great deal!

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Our expert broker, Lukas Best, can help you with equipment financing to suit your needs. Working with us to find the right equipment loan can open up opportunities for your business. Don’t let poor cash flow or lack of funds stop you from taking on a new business venture! Get your equipment loan sorted and start growing your business.

Finding the right vehicle can be hard, but finding the right vehicle finance shouldn’t be. Got your eye on a new car? We can help you get the keys. Of course, our vehicle finance goes way beyond cars. Motorbikes, vans, trucks, fleets, scooters, semi-trailers, farming vehicles – pretty much everything that moves. Talk to our expert brokers to get your vehicle loan sorted!

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Our Vehicle & Equipment Loan Process

How We Get You the Right Equipment Loan & Vehicle Loan

We Put The Microscope To Different Lenders & Loans

We look at many different loans and lenders so that we can give you a comprehensive overview of the market.

We Compare Most Vehicle & Equipment Loans With What You Need

We look at what you need from your equipment finance or vehicle finance so that we can match you up with the right loan.

We Make Recommendations That Suit You, Not Lenders

Our finance professionals don?t represent a bank or any single lender, so we?re not pushing a specific loan product. We only want to secure a more competitive loan for you, our client.

We Deal With The Lenders, You Deal With The Money

Our dedicated brokers will organise your loan so that you can get back to more important things.

Ready to grow your business?

Our equipment financing makes it easier than ever!

Still Have Questions?

Equipment & Vehicle Financing FAQ

If you have any questions about our Vehicle & Equipment Financing, how our service works and what we can do for you, we are more than happy to help. We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Unlike the banks, we have no skin in the game. We don’t benefit from recommending a certain lender, so we have an unbiased look at the market. Instead, we focus on doing a great job and saving you money on your equipment & vehicle finance, so that you will come to us for your next loan.

You will need to pay a small fee for our service, but the value of finding the right loan for you will be much greater. A cheaper loan could save you a lot of money in the long run, and we will give you a comprehensive review of the loan market and show you what fees you can expect with each loan.

Generally, most lenders will provide finance terms of between 1 to 5 years. However, this can increase to up to 10 years for more expensive items that last a long time.

Depending on your situation and the vehicle or piece of equipment you have your eye on, there will be a different type of loan for you.

The types of vehicle & equipment finance include:

  • Finance lease – the leasing company buys the asset and rents it to you for an agreed amount of time.
  • Operating lease (rental) – like a finance lease except that the ownership remains with the lessor, who also pays the running and administration costs.
  • Commercial hire purchase – a common type of fixed rate loan for vehicles. You will become the owner of the vehicle once all the repayments have been made, including interest.
  • Chattel Mortgage (commercial loan) – The lender will supply funds to you, for purchase of the vehicle. You will be the owner, but the lender will have a “mortgage” over the vehicle.
  • Novated lease – a car lease that your employer pays for out of your pre-tax salary. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to buy and own a car.
  • Fleet leasing & management – a series of loan options available for those looking for a fleet of vehicles

These are some of the main loan options available to you when acquiring vehicles & equipment. Each option has it’s own purpose; we can identify which one is right for you.

From application to approval to settlement, the equipment & vehicle finance process can be as short as a couple of days. The exact length of time will depend on how complicated your loan is, what assets you are after and how long settlement takes.

If there is a certain timeframe you need, we can try and find something to suit this need.

Some lenders won’t deal with you if you have bad credit, but there are definitely others that will. A car loan is generally secured by the vehicle, which is why having bad credit might be seen as less of a problem for this type of loan. However, your bad credit score will present a higher risk for lenders, so you can expect to pay a higher interest rate.

The application process will differ greatly depending on what type of loan you are going for and what the asset is. We will gather all the necessary details for the application, and take care of the process for you so you can relax. You can apply for a loan by contacting us through our website or giving us a call on 08 9371 8844.

We will start by discussing what you need from your loan, which can be done by email, phone or face-to-face, whatever works best for you. We will then look at most lenders on the market, create recommendations to suit your need, and submit your application for you once a decision has been made.

We make the application process as easy as possible for you so that you can get back to more important things.

If we didn?t answer your question, get in touch with our friendly brokers

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