$10,000,000 Asset Portfolio Through
SMSF Property Investment

SMSF Property Investment

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$10,000,000 Asset Portfolio Through SMSF Property Investment

This Super Fund is one of the oldest we have on our database, having been registered in 1977 (the year Elvis died).

The members are two Dutch immigrants who arrived in Australia during the heady days of the 1950?s and slowly but surely established their roots in the land of opportunity. Jack trained as a builder in his native The Netherlands. He worked hard, a lot of the time in the country, while his wife Nikki, looked after the home and growing family of three girls.

Over time, Jack, being the entrepreneurial business man, began a business of manufacturing leisure products. It was very successful and continued to be for the next 20 years.

During this period, Jack was looking for opportunities to expand into the commercial property market. As a builder the physical side of the strategy was easily managed, but the monetary side was a problem that needed to be solved.


On the advice of his advisors at Quarles, Jack agreed to the establishment of a Self-Managed Super Fund with a corporate trustee. In those days the amounts that could be contributed were very generous and enabled the fund to become a joint owner in the acquisition of several commercial properties over time.

Together with a trusted farming friend, the partnership acquired commercial properties and leased them to mainly national companies. Jack, being the ultimate hands on perfectionist, performed the maintenance and built any extensions that were required.

The super fund quietly accumulated its share of rents and Jack continually searched for other investment opportunities. As his daughters married, their family groups were included in the investment process.

The combined wealth of Jack and Nikki?s investments grew to over $10 million which presented its challenges when the time came that they needed to draw a pension. The problem was, what to do with the income as it was too much to spend on themselves.

What a problem to have!!

Unfortunately, Jack passed away in 2013 leaving Nikki the challenge of managing the investment portfolio. Fortunately, she had her daughters to assist. Together with Quarles? advice, they have sold portions of the holdings to the existing family groups.

This strategy is a great example of the way we work at Quarles. A client expresses a desire for something to happen and we structure it, so that it can happen.

What do you want to happen?

The answer to what Jack and Nikki did with their overflowing coffers?

They helped their grandchildren through tertiary education and set up a dynasty for generations to enjoy.

Do you want to see if you can secure the same future for your family and future generations?

Book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our SMSF advisers and find out what your future could look like.

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